DMX iT 524At Integrated Controls, Inc. we provide support through the complete design cycle process, realizing your product viability from concept through each phase of development, including final manufacturing and assembly.

We have a great deal of practical experience and a network of resources to bring to your project. Complete documentation is provided and your proprietary intellectual property is respected.


  • Concept Definition: We will help define your product specification with insight into the practical application requirements that will follow.
  • Circuit Design and Schematics: Utilizing the the latest and most trusted tools in the industry, we are highly adept at intelligent circuit design and thorough documentation.
  • Component Specification: Complete component selection, bills of material and costing. We have our fingers on the pulse of the latest developments in component technologies and industry trends.
  • PCB Design: Fully integrated software provides seamless translation of schematic designs into printed circuit board layouts.
  • Mechanical Design: We have designed many product packages and chassis, producing cost effective and easily manufactured designs.
  • Full Documentation: Customers are provided fully detailed design documentation for electrical and mechanical designs.
  • Manufacturing and Assembly: Our facility can provide full manufacturing and assembly of any desired quantities of your product.
  • Complete Compliance Solutions: We can design for complete compliance with any regulatory standards and acquire any necessary approvals for your product.


Design Services Available

Product Design, Consultation services

Printed Circuit Board Design, Altium license, latest versions

3D modeling of circuit board is a standard deliverable

Part selection and specification

Circuit Design, Schematics, Embedded firmware, PIC

Design review, Design for manufacture review (DFM)

Industrial & Mechanical infrastructure through network of close associates


Manufacturing Services Available

Parts sourcing, extensive experience with off shore sourcing

In house prototyping & Light up, Test

Follow up production utilizing long term trusted suppliers

Inventory control system with in house part numbering, MRP system

PCB sourcing, wide supplier infrastructure, ALPCB, ML, quick turn